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12th March 2023

Field of Blood

The Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry?

Genesis 4:6

In Genesis 4, we learn of the original murderer: Cain, the son of Adam. Cain admitted nothing. Cain confessed nothing. Even when given a specific opportunity, even when confronted by God Himself with the evidence of his brother Abel’s blood on the ground, Cain admitted nothing.

Where is your brother?” was God’s simple question, and Cain answered that he had no responsibility to keep his brother from harm. This was the response of the man who had just murdered that same brother.

To the God who knows all, Cain lied: “I do not know where he is.” But of course Cain knew where he had left Abel dead.

Cain seems to have thought he should still have God’s protection? Without confessing his sin, or even being sorry for it, Cain thought it was unfair that he should be a cursed wanderer. He complained to God, “I will be hidden from your presence.” But even that was not true, as God made clear to him.

Standing in that blood-stained field, claiming to be without sin, Cain deceived no one but himself. Have you admitted that you too are a sinner in the sight of Almighty God, or are you still like Cain, deceiving yourself.


Genesis 4:2-16.


Father God, From the beginning, Lord, it has been Your way not to leave sin unchallenged. And it has been the nature of fallen humans to act like it is none of Your business. Help us to see our foolishness and turn back to You. In Jesus, I pray. Amen.



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