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16th March 2023

Gideon The Worrior

Surely I will be with you...”

Judges 6:16.

God’s people were being threatened by the Midianites. They would come down from the hills and plunder the farms, homes and villages, and ruin the crops. God decided to raise up a leader from among His people who would defeat the Midianites. When the angel called Gideon a “mighty warrior,” Gideon thought the angel has made a mistake. He was the least promising member of his family, which was the weakest clan in his tribe. He was only a farmer, and he knew nothing about battles, fighting or leadership.

But God used Gideon to lead three hundred men against 120,000 enemy soldiers. It was an “impossible” mission, but with Gideon’s small army, God sent the enemy fleeing (Judges 7).

Like Gideon, we too often resist the challenges God sets before us because we do not think that we are good enough or strong enough or skilled enough to meet them. But God never asked us to do anything we cannot do.

The apostle Paul went through many trials in his life. But in Philippians 4:13 he wrote, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


Judges 6:11-24.


Lord Jesus, thank You for conquering sin and death. Help me to be Your mighty warrior when You ask me to face trials and defend Your name. Amen.



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