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18th November 2023

A Prayer Patten

In this manner, therefore pray.

Matthew 6:9

In the prayer often referred to as the Lord’s Prayer, although in reality, it is the Disciple’s Prayer. It was given to them as a pattern for them to follow when they prayed. Therefore, we could rightly call this prayer the Model Prayer. This prayer is often wrongly used, however. We are not to just mindlessly repeat it from rote memory, but we are to use it as a framework upon which we can build a prayer life that is offered to God, heard and answered by Him, and one that glorifies His Name.

The Patten

FIRST: Our prayer should be to a person – God the Father (v 9-10). When we come before Him, we need to remember that our only access to God lies in His Son Jesus Christ, the name which is above every name (Phil. 2:9-11) Jesus is our only access and road of approach to the Father.

SECOND: Our prayer should include praise (V 13). He is to be praised for the King He is. He deserves to be glorified. He is to be praised for His abilities and for the times in which He has demonstrated His power in our lives! He demands and deserves all the glory in every situation in life. He should be glorified on earth as He is in Heaven!

THIRD:Our prayer should include petitions (v 11-13). We Should Pray About His work in the Church, the world, others and their physical needs and our own.

How is your praying when it is compared to the model?

Bible Reading

Mark 15:20-39.


Lord Jesus, I thank You for the old rugged cross, I thank You for Your blood that was shed there for the sins of the world. Thank You that there still salvation today for all who come to You at the cross. Amen.



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