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22nd January 2023

An Unpopular Word

Then he cried out and said, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me . Luke 16:24

The word "Hell" is not a very popular word, even in some churches they never hear the word Hell. Hell has been cloaked in folklore and disguised in fiction for so long that many people have convinced themselves that Hell is a fairytale. The information highway has created discussion boards with no end. One blog took on the subject of Heaven and Hell. As people joined in, the discussion became a vicious cycle. Finally, one contributor typed in, “Could someone please explain how to avoid Hell?”

The Bible describes Hell as a place of: death, destruction, the pit, hopelessness, everlasting misery, literally loveless, and much more, but every word used is a word that describes totally misery and torture of the mind.

Many do not believe the Bible’s description of hellfire and brimstone. Jesus spoke more about Hell than Heaven. Why? Because of His great compassion for souls. He gave His life to spare the human race the agony, torment, and gruesome reality that Hell is reserved for those who reject Christ. Why would anyone choose this road to Hell?

Books and articles have been written denying the doctrine of Hell. Some have been bestsellers because they teach views of Hell and Biblical descriptions as symbolism. Such misleading teachings make people feel more comfortable and take the worry out of what happens after death. But such people will never be able to hold the writers accountable for pointing them down the wrong road when they arrive in the very real destination the Bible describes.

Thankfully, we can avoid Hell but only on this side of life, not in the afterlife. Oh, that people would come to Christ and realize the hope of Heaven.


Luke 16:19-31.


Holy Father God, Thank You that You have saved me from the consequences of my sins, which would surely take me to hell. Thank You for my Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.



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