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22nd May 2023

Just One Window

You shall make a window for the ark,

and you shall finish it to a cubit from above.

Genesis 6:16

Windows have two primary functions: One is to see through, the other is to let the light shine in.

When God gave Noah the instructions for an ark to save his family, He designed it with only one window in the entire huge structure. It was to be near the top of the boat, perhaps encircling the entire vessel. Noah could look out upon the waters and up toward heaven.

We have here many spiritual lessons. The ark is a picture of Christ ( 1 Peter 3:20-22), who bears His own through the waters of judgement to the the heavenly places of security and divine fellowship (Eph 2:6). Even as Noah and his family were not to be touched by the waters of God’s wrath, so also we will be delivered.

Darkness may surround the believer, but the clear blue of God’s love and the warmth and light of His smile await the ransomed soul who will simply look to God in His Word. If the Lord Jesus does not return soon and physical death comes to us, we need not fear the passage through the deep valley of death or the lashing waves of judgement.

Through the window of the Bible, we may look up with hope into the shining realities of eternity!

Bible Reading

Genesis 6:9-16.


Father God, How wonderful it is to know that you are the One and only Redeeming God. Thank You for Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and for His work on the cross for sinners like me. Amen.



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