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26th May 2023

What Will Be, Will Be

No longer will there be any curse.

Revelation 22:3

You and I have something in common. We live in a mixed-up, tarnished world, and we have never known anything different. Adam and Eve, however, could remember what life was like before the curse. They could recall the world as God intended it to be—free of death, hardship, and pain (Gen 3:16-19). In pre-fall Eden, hunger, unemployment, and illness did not exist. No one questioned God’s creative power or His plan for human relationships.

The world we have inherited resembles God’s perfect garden only slightly. To quote C. S. Lewis, “This is a good world gone wrong, but [it] still retains the memory of what ought to have been.” Fortunately, the cloudy memory of what the earth should have been is also a prophetic glimpse into eternity. There, just as Adam and Eve walked and talked with God, believers will see His face and serve Him directly. There will be nothing between God and us. “No longer will there be any curse” (Rev 22:3). There will be no sin, no fear, and no shame.

The past and its consequences may cast a shadow on today, but a believer’s destiny carries the promise of something better—life in a place as perfect as Eden.

Bible Reading

Revelation 22:1-5.


Merciful Father, help me to remember that even though this world is imperfect, and tainted by sin, still there is much to enjoy and much to do. Thank You for the promise of life with You in a perfect setting. Amen.



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