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28th April 2024

The Blessings Of A Redeemed People

And God spoke to Moses and said to him: “I am the Lord.”

Exodus 6:2

The Hebrew people were slaves in Egypt. They had been slaves for 400 years, and it looked as though they were going to stay that way forever. Tens of thousands of their forefathers had been born, lived and had died slaves in Egypt. Then, one day, a man named Moses appeared; a man who had been born into one of the poor slave families of Egypt. A slave that had even been adopted into Pharaoh’s house, but one who was still the offspring of slaves. One of their own! He came to them, telling them stories of meeting the God of their Fathers. His stories were of God’s love for them and of God’s great plans to deliver them from their bondage. At first, it was exciting for the Hebrews to think that they would be set free, but Pharaoh was not amused, increased their work, ordering the taskmasters to be more cruel than usual. Most of Israel had come to believe that Moses was just an old fool who was trying to get the people killed. They even shared their feeling with Moses (Ex 5:20-21). Moses, in turn, takes their complaint before the Lord. In response, God issues the people of Israel a great promise. As you read the Lord’s response to His people, you will find there are seven “I will” statements made by the Lord. These are things God intended to do for them. As these promises are considered, it becomes clear that they must have gendered hope in the hearts of the people of God. They were being told all about The Blessings Of A Redeemed People.

Likewise, God has promise great things to the Church as His Redeemed People; Eternal life to those who “drink of the water” (John 4:13-14), meaning grace, offered by God through Jesus Christ. God promised us certainty and assurance of salvation. Our eternal life is kept safe in God's hands. Jesus promises to return to us and to bring us into heaven with Him. 

Bible Reading

Exodus 6:1-8.


God of all Ages, thank You, for the promises You have made to the Church. In Jesus name. Amen.



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