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11th July 2023

Truth Brings Freedom

Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

John 8:36.

In the days of Jesus, like today, the people did not understand that they were enslaved. The Romans ruled over them. But they were not slaves. They were proud because they were God’s special people. However, the Lord Jesus pointed out that they were really slaves, not because of other people, but because of sin. Sin controls people. It guides what they do. It affects how they behave. Because of this, it causes people to act as if they were its slaves (v 33-34). Only Jesus can break sin’s power over a person. Only He could set them free and say that they are no longer slaves. Furthermore, He also has the authority to make them part of God’s family. Slaves do not belong to a family in the same way as a son. Slaves have no permanent place in the family. But a son, a son is a real member of the family. A son knows that he belongs there always. And so, a son feels security about the future. The point is clear: freedom does not consist in the word “freedom,” but in relationship to Jesus Christ, through abiding in His Word, and being His disciple.

The mark of a true Christian is found in his personal relationship to the Person of Jesus Christ. Christianity is Christ. Christ is Christianity. I speak reverently when I say that Jesus is more than His ideas. All that He said was true, but without Him even the truth would have been powerless. Men know the power of truth, and truth is that which sets men free. Jesus said, “I am the truth.

Bible Reading

John 8:31-36.


Heavenly Father, Thank You, that Your Son, Jesus has broken the chains and shackles of sin that once enslaved me, and has set me free and given me eternal life. Amen.



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