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13th January 2023

Where is Your Hope?

My hope is in You, O Lord. Psalm 29:7.

The sea was beating against the rocks in huge, dashing waves. The lightning was flashing, the thunder was roaring, the wind was blowing; but the little bird was asleep in the crevice of the rock, its head serenely under its wing, sound asleep. That is peace—to be able to sleep in the storm! In Christ, we can be relaxed and at peace in the midst of the confusion, bewilderments, and perplexities of life. The storm rages, but our hearts are at rest. We have found peace—at last! Where is your hope today?


Romans 15:7-13.


God of all hope, thank You, for the hope I have in Your abiding love, which surrounds me. In Jesus name. Amen.

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