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13th June 2023

A Humble Leader

Behold, one of the rulers of the synagogue came, Jairus by name.

And when he saw Jesus, he fell at His feet.

Mark 5:22

Before I was born, a brother of mine died at the age of six months. My parents had done all they could to find medical help and healing for him. Similarly, Jairus, a synagogue leader, feared losing his young daughter, and he also did all he could to gain healing for his child.

Jairus was responsible to help with the smooth running of the synagogue in his town. He also likely had heard that some other religious leaders, the Pharisees, did not like or approve of the Lord Jesus and had warned people to stay away from Him. The Pharisees enjoyed their position of power as teachers of the law and rulers of the people, and they felt threatened by the popularity of Jesus and His amazing miracles. They had even begun plotting to find a way to kill Him (Mark 3:6). Despite all that, Jairus wanted healing for his daughter. So he came to Jesus.

Jairus also left his pride and dignity behind. As a respected leader in the community, he was not expected to submit to a stranger in his town, and yet he fell at the feet of Jesus in great humility (v 22). Jairus did not care who saw him do this because he knew he needed the Lord's help.

Followers of Jesus Christ leave their preconceptions and pride behind when they come to Jesus. He is Lord and King of all. In Him, we find the power to heal—body and soul.

Bible Reading

Mark 5:21-24.


King Jesus, help me to realize who You are, and to be humble before You. Thank You for Your love and care. Amen.



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