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15th July 2023

How Great Is Our God

The works of the Lord are great, . . .

Psalm 111:2

In Genesis 1, God is shown creating the world out of nothing. He speaks all things into existence: Light, air, water, earth, plants, animals… Everything.

What’s amazing is that every time God made something, He did not just say that it was—that it existed. After each day in Genesis’ creation account, when God made something, the Bible says, “God saw, and it was good.

But, what does that mean? Or maybe a better way to say it is, is it still true? After all, if we look outside the window we see that there are some things that are not good about this world.

When God said what He made was good, He was affirming its original design and intent: to reflect and display His good character, power, and nature.

In its original state, creation came up to God’s standards. It was the way He wanted it to be. It was exactly the sort of quality He desired. It could only reflect His character, power and nature, because it could not do that!

However, even after sin came into the world, with its corrupting power and influence, the fundamental goodness of creation remained! Sin might distort the goodness of creation, but it can’t make what God has said untrue. Creation is still good in the hands of God, and it still serves its purpose of proclaiming His glory in the world.

And God’s people should affirm the goodness of God’s creation, and seek to preserve it, even as it “groans” for its final restoration when Jesus returns to make all things new.

Bible Reading

Romans 8:18-25.


Thank You, Creator God, for the beauty of all that You have created. Help me to be a good steward over it, and the resources You have provided. In Christ's name, I pray. Amen.

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Jul 15, 2023


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