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15th November 2023

An Unlikely Candidate

Gideon took ten men from among his servants

and did as the Lord had said to him.

Judges 6:27

Gideon was the man God chose to deliver Israel from the bondage of their enemies. He was not the most likely candidate to be the deliverer of the nation. When Gideon appears, he is hiding from the Midianites to prevent them from taking the small amount of grain he possesses. When the Lord comes to Gideon, He tells him that he is to be the deliver of Israel. Gideon, like most people, immediately gives God reasons why He is the wrong person. After losing the argument with Deity, Gideon finds himself worshipping the Lord and waiting for his orders, knowing that God will be with Him and will strengthen and guide him.

When we first start to follow the Lord by faith, we are a lot like Gideon. We are filled with doubts and fears. As God leads us along, step by step, and we see Him give victory after victory, we grow and develop in our faith and we come to trust Him know that will strengthen and guide us as He did Gideon. That is His plan for us, and it is a plan that works!

God worked in Gideon’s life to train him for an important work. God cultivated Gideon so that God could use Gideon for His glory, and in the same way, God wants to use you in His service. Are you ready?

Bible Reading

Judges 6:25-32.


Father God. Help me to always be ready to serve You each day, whatever that service might be. In Christ name, I pray. Amen.



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