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16th December 2022

Complacent Christians

For from the rising of the sun, even to its going down, My name shall be great among the Gentiles.

Malachi 1:11

After hundreds of years of disobedience to the Lord, God punished the Israelites with seven decades of captivity in the city of Babylon.

After this discipline, one would think the people of Israel had learned their lesson. The exiles had returned, the temple was rebuilt, and Jerusalem had re-established some degree of normalcy. However, it did not take long for complacency to set in, bringing with it spiritual pollution, and religious routine.

Spiritual pollution causes us to serve God in a disrespectful manner. God asks a question in verse 6, “Where is My honour?” The priests were making deals, accepting blemished animals for selfish reasons. They disrespected the Lord because they allowed spiritual pollution into their spiritual sight.

Unfortunately, this is somewhat similar to many Christians today. They believe, but live like God does not exist. They go through the motions, undistinguishable from the world around them, compromising the truth for worldly pleasures. This is a very dangerous place to be. Spiritual complacency and pollution are a problem. What is the answer?

First, take an inventory of your spiritual life. Similar to a medical diagnosis, you must first recognize the problem before you can begin to do anything about it. Then, we must confess our sin to the Lord and allow Him to purify us of that which taints our lives and souls.

With God’s help, you must develop a new fervour (passionate, deliberate and intentional) for service unto the Lord. The time of Advent is a good time to make a fresh start.


Malachi 1:6-14.


Heavenly Father, I am weak, You are strong. Forgive me for those time when I have let You down. Help me not to fall into spiritualpollution. Keep my heart burning with love for You and a desire to serve You. In Jesus name. Amen.



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