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19th December 2023

Tears of Repentance

They shall call His name Immanuel, which is translated,

God with us.”

Matthew 1:23

There is a certain amount of sorrow involved in repentance that we, sadly, do not see much of today. The word 'repentance' means, moaning and even groaning. I do not mean that we have to have a great emotional experience, but I do believe that we need some tears of repentance. We need to be sorry for our sins, and to say, “Oh, God, I have sinned against You, and I am sorry.”

The evening I came to Christ, I did not have any tears. But later, after church when I went home and I looked out of my window at the sky, I cried over my sins. I said, “Oh, God, forgive me.” And the most wonderful peace swept over my soul. From that moment on, I have known that my sins were forgiven, I was saved and had a place in Heaven.

What about you, have you ever had great sorrow for your sins?

Bible Reading

Acts 3:17-26.


There is sorrow in my soul when I remember how I fail You, loving Lord. Forgive my frailties, forgive me my sins. In Jesus name, I ask. Amen.



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