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19th October 2022

Call Upon The Lord

O Lord, to You I cry out.

Joel 1:19

In 1953, a devastating storm raged for days across parts of Europe, leading to widespread flooding in Northern Europe. Thousands of people lost their lives in parts of the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and South-East England. History reveals that the response by at least one local government. The provincial authorities of the Dutch city of Groningen called for a “prayer day” in response to the disaster. A historian reports that the citizens gathered in churches and “listened to sermons, sang psalms and prayed for hours.”

The prophet Joel describes an overwhelming disaster faced by the people of Judah that also led to prayer. A massive swarm of locusts had covered the land and “laid waste (its) vines and ruined (its) fig trees” (Joel 1:7). As he and his people reeled from the devastation, Joel prayed, “Lord, to You I cry out” (1:19). Directly and indirectly, both the people of Northern Europe and Judah experienced disasters that originated with the effects of sin and this fallen world (Genesis 3:17-19; Romans 8:20-22). But they also found that these times led them to call out to God and seek Him in prayer (Joel 1:19). And God said, “Turn to Me with all your heart” (2:12).

When we face difficulties and disaster, may we turn to God—perhaps in anguish, perhaps in repentance. “Compassionate” and “abounding in love” (v 13), He draws us to Himself, providing the comfort and help we need.


Joel 1:1–7 & 19–20.


Heavenly Father, in the face of difficulty, help me to call out to You and find the hope You alone can provide.



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