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23rd April 2024

Resurrection And Life

Jesus said to her, 'I am the resurrection and the life.

He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.'

John 11:25

When the Lord Jesus said 'I am the resurrection and the life: He did not claim to have resurrection and life, or understand the mistries or secrets about resurrection and life. Instead, Jesus dramatically said that He is the resurrection and the life. To know Jesus is to know resurrection and life; to have Jesus is to have resurrection and life. 

Here are four key points about this verse:

First: Identity of Jesus: The Lord Jesus identifies Himself as "the resurrection and the life." This is a significant claim, asserting His divine authority and power over life and death.

Second: Faith and Belief: The verse emphasizes the importance of belief in Jesus Christ. Those who believe on Him, even though they physically die, will experience eternal life.

Third: Resurrection: Here Christ speaks of resurrection, which is a central theme in Christian theology. His statement informs us that through Him, believers can have eternal life beyond physical death.

Fourth: Hope: This verse offers hope to believers, reassuring them that their faith in Jesus guarantees life beyond death, demonstrating the power of faith and the promise of salvation.

Bible Reading

John 11:17-27.


Father, the Bible teaches that faith is a gift from You. Thank You for faith, thank You for Christ, and thank You for my salvation. In Christ's name, I bless You this day. Amen



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