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23rd October 2022

He Came To Me

God has visited His people.

Luke 7:16

I am very happy that I can say today, that I am saved! I praise God that I am. But, even as I say that, I realise that I had nothing to do with my salvation. I am saved because Jesus came to me. I am saved because He did what I could not do for myself. I am saved because one day Jesus came into my heart and saved my soul. I am saved by grace. I am saved perfectly, completely and eternally, and I did not have one thing to do with it; nor did I contribute one thing to it. I am saved because the Saviour, Jesus, came to me!

As I read the Gospels, I see this same truth lived out time, and time a again. There is passage after passage showing Jesus as He goes to people trapped in desperate situations. Whether it is a sinful woman at Jacob’s well; a blind man at the Temple; a poor beggar in Jericho; or a rich man in a tree; we are given the privilege of watching as the Lord Jesus moves in power for people who are trapped in hopeless and helpless situations.

One of those wonderful times is found in today's reading. In Luke 7, we have a pitiful little scene in a tiny village called Nain. When Jesus came to Nain; He did not arrive at a joyous moment. He arrived during a time of great grief and mourning. The name “Nain” literally means “beauty.” But, there was no beauty in Nain that day. Death had invaded the little village of Nain.

We are told that the victim is a young man, v 14. That he is “the only son of his mother”, v 12. And we are told that he is dead! A great crowd of mourners are making their way through the gates of the city, to a little cemetery, where he was to be buried. But when Jesus came, He changed everything; grief was turned to joy, and despair to hope.

Do you remember the day Jesus came to you? What a day that was in my life. I was dead in my sins and heading to Hell, but Jesus in His grace came to where I was. He raised me to life, gave me hope and glory in my soul, and He set me on a new path! He came to me!

If today, you cannot say that you are saved: Friend, He can come to you today. He can change your life too. He can raise you up; set you on a new path, give you hope and joy. Do you need Him today? If today, He is speaking to you, it means that He has come to where you are. All He asks of you is that you look to Him by faith, and He will save you by His grace!


Luke 7:11-17.


God of Grace, thank You that You sent Your Son to seek and to save all who are lost in this life of sin. Help me to help others to seek You. In His name I prayer. Amen.



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