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26th March 2023

Wandering Off

Rejoice with me; for I have found my lost sheep.

Luke 15:6

When living in a village in Oxfordshire, we lived next to a farm with a large field that came alongside our property. At certain times of the year, the farmer would have cows in the field, from my study window, I noticed how the cows were prone to wander while grazing. A cow would keep moving, always looking for the fabled “greener pastures.” Near the edge of the field, the cow might discover some cool, fresh grass under a shady tree. Just beyond a broken-down part of the fence was a tasty clump of foliage. Then the cow might push far beyond the fence and out to the road; And then it would slowly “nibbled” its way into being lost.

Cows are not alone in their roaming problem. Sheep also wander, and it’s likely that people have the biggest tendency of all to stray.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons God compares us to sheep in the Bible. It can be easy to meander and “nibble our way” through reckless compromises and foolish decisions, never noticing how far away from the truth we have strayed.

Jesus, the Lord, told the Pharisees the story of a lost sheep. The sheep was of such value to the shepherd that he left his other sheep behind while he searched for the wandering one. And when he found the one that had strayed, He celebrated! (Luke 15:1–7).

Such is the happiness of God over those who turn back to Him. Jesus said, “Rejoice with me; for I have found my lost sheep” (v 6). God has sent us a Saviour to rescue us and bring us home.

Where are you at this time? Have you nibbled” your way into being lost? If yes, Christ is seeking you this day. Will you come to Him?


Luke 15:1-7.


Father in heaven, if I wander too far? Redirect my heart and show me the way home. In the name of Jesus, my Shepherd, I pray. Amen.



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