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26th September 2023

Freed From A Cage

God brought me out into a broad place.

Psalm 18:19

One morning, I found a bird trapped in my garage. Upon realising this, I was quick to open the door and set it free. In a very similar way, the Bible reveal that we are each of us trapped and hopeless unless God rescues us. In Psalm 18, David spoke of being afflicted by an enemy, entrapped by “the snares of death” with the “snares of death . . . coiled around” him (Psalm 18:4–5). Enclosed and shackled, and in great distress, he cried to God for help (v 6). And with thundering power, He (God) reached down and took hold of him and “He drew me out of many waters" (v 16).

God can do the same for us. He can break the chains and release us from our confining cages. He can set us free and carry us “out into a broad place” (v 19). How sad it is, then, when we keep running in small circles, as if we are still confined in our old prisons. In His strength, may we no longer be bound by fear, shame, or oppression. God has rescued us from those cages of death. We can run free.

Bible Reading

Psalm 18:3-6 &16-19.


My Lord and my God, You set captives free. Help me to believe it. Help me to live it. I want to be free. I want to be in Your spacious place today, and every day. In the name of the Lord Jesus I ask and pray. Amen.



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