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27th February 2024

Jesus Wept

Jesus wept

John 11:35 

It is the easiest verse in the Bible to memorise, with it being the shortest. Though short, this one verse raises many questions. Why was Jesus weeping? He was God in the flesh. No matter what challenges He faced, He knew how all of this would end. He would be victorious. He would overcome death. Furthermore, He would save the world. So why the tears?

I would like to give you three reasons why the Lord Jesus wept.

First: Jesus wept because of His Compassion: He wept in response to the grief of those mourning the death of Lazarus, showing His deep empathy and compassion for their pain.

Second: Jesus wept because of His Humanity: His tears demonstrated his humanity, despite his divine nature, illustrating that He could experience the full extent of human emotions.

Three: Jesus wept because of His Frustration: He may have wept due to the frustration or sadness caused by the effects of sin and death, which he came to conquer through His ministry.

The Lord comes alongside us in our grief, weeping with us in our sorrow (v. 35). But more than that, Christ defeated sin and death by dying in our place and rising from the dead (1 Cor. 15:56-57).

Bible Reading

John 11:1-4, 38-44.


Father, Thank You that Your Son knows what it is like to be human. Thank You, that in our times of sadness, He is there with us. Amen.



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