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3rd June 2023

Dry Eyes

Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Matthew 5:4.

I read a news report about a woman who had not shed a tear in 18 years. The reason for her dry eyes was physical, not emotional. Doctors said she was a victim of a rare condition called Sjogren’s syndrome. For some unknown reason, antibodies attacked her tear glands as if they were undesirable foreign organisms.

The article reminded me of a spiritual problem among the people of God—people who should and could cry, but do not. They need to learn what the Lord Jesus meant when He said, “Blessed are they who mourn” (Matthew 5:4).

Sometimes we think tears are a sign of weakness. But if this were the case, why did Jesus cry? (Luke 19:42). Why did James tell Christians to weep over their sins? James 4:9).

It is true to say that we are all different, and people differ in the way they express their emotions. But literal tears are not the real issue. What is important is the attitude of the heart. The real issue is how deeply we sense the implications of our sins. Are we filled with Godly sorrow? Are we pained by the tragic consequences that our sin creates in our relationships with others? I am not talking about putting on a fake show of sorrow, but do we feel some of the same sorrow God feels about sin and the evil in the world? Are we willing to turn from it? Or do we have dry eyes?

Bible Reading

Matthew 5:1-10.


Heavenly Father, Grant me empathy for others. To cry with those who mourn and are sorrowful, and to rejoice with those who are filled with joy. In Christ's name, I ask. Amen.



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