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9th November 2022

Our Tender Lord

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

Messianic Prophecy, looked forward to the coming of the Messiah, and now to His second coming. The Messiah is God’s chosen vessel, selected and anointed to accomplish God’s work among His people. The Messiah will not exert His authority like an earthly ruler. He will not need to proclaim His power like other men. He will faithfully and humbly do His work.

When Messiah comes, His faithful people will be weak and their flame nearly extinguished. He will not break them down or snuff them out. He will heal their weaknesses. He will bind them up and restore their usefulness. He will rekindle their flame so their light shines bright again. The Messiah will not fail in His mission to redeem and restore His people.

There is a word here for us today. There are times when we, His followers, become weak and unusable to the Lord. There are times when our light grows dim and the flame of our faith is nearly extinguished. When those times come, the saints have a Friend in Jesus. Our Saviour is a Tender Lord

If you are loaded with burdens and concerns today, you need our Tender Lord. Come to Him in prayer, and He will receive you, and meet your needs, whatever they are.


Isaiah 42:1-4.


All knowing God, Help me each day to remember that You are indeed my tender Lord, and I can share anything with You, knowing that You understand me, and care for me. In Jesus name. Amen.

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09 nov 2022

Even so come Lord Jesus

Me gusta
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