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3rd August 2023

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Seeing Salvation

. . . And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.

Luke 3:6

When John the Baptist proclaimed the arrival of Jesus, he announced good news to the world. “Prepare the way for the Lord,” John proclaimed (Luke 3:4). He insisted that when Jesus arrived, God would enact a powerful, comprehensive rescue. The biblical word for this rescue is salvation.

Salvation encompasses both the healing of our sinful hearts and—one day—the healing of all the world’s evils. God’s transforming work is for every story, every human system, and is available to everyone. “All flesh will see God’s salvation,” John said (v 6).

When a king approached, the people would clear all the roads ahead of him. They would remove all that could delay him. They would make the rough roads smooth and straight. Luke uses this prophecy to show that people must prepare for the Christ. John’s task was to make people ready to receive the Christ. The salvation that the Christ brings is for all the world. People in all places will see this salvation

Whatever evil we face, Christ’s cross and resurrection assure us we will see God’s salvation. One day we will experience His final liberation.

Bible Reading

Luke 3:1-6


Father God, You promise that all people will see Your salvation. Thank You, that the Lord Jesus came seeking me. Amen.



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